Anze Iglicar is a professional freelance music producer/composer specialized in creation of original music for: Song writers, bands, solo artists, DJ, media composer for: licensing purposes, custom written music for Film, TV, Video Games and Interactive media, sound designer and audio engineer.  As a professional sound-engineer / programmer he also understands the technical aspects of this special skill. For more detailed services please look at the SERVICES.(click me)

He works in many genres such as Electronic (trip-hop, house, funk,big beat hip-hop,electro,pop/electro/,pop,dance, and drum 'n' bass, acustic Rock, rock/pop as well as bespoke 'corporate' music according to the requirements of his clients.All A.I.’s sounds and music are generated by him or by real musicians who play for him, ensuring that his music is high quality and original. As a qualified and experienced sound engineer/composer, Anze can deliver custom-made material of an excellent standard for any need and to any deadline.The actual producer and member of electro/pop rock band Proteus Noir, also the project producer of Soundtrap which is well-known abroad with a song Secret Lover featured as the best demo of the year in worldwide magazine The Future Music. Many productions released on foreign publishers, co-produced and remixed foreign DJ's, also cooperated with local DJ's in production, co-produced music for art exhibitions, fashion shows, musical basis for the purposes of commercial TV’. Anze is always busy in his studio which is a fusion of old analog and newer digital technologies. He is a lover and a collector of old analog and new VA synthesizers. He likes to play and manipulate with sound, so he created a wide range of sample libraries. The studio is well-equipped with all appliances which contribute to the final professional product.